Looking for the best graduation gift for your teen? This fast-paced tour is designed for graduating seniors (18+) to see as much of Europe in the shortest amount of time. There will be plenty of high-speed trains and some overnight trains too. We will pack 10 countries into 13 days.

Day 1 – US-UK

Day 2 – London, England

Day 3 – London-Paris, France

Day 4 – Paris, Colmar, France

Day 5 – Bern, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Day 6 – Swiss Alps, Neuschwanstein Castle

Day 7 – Munich, Germany-Salzburg, Austria

Day 8 – Salzburg-Vienna, Austria

Day 9 – Venice, Italy

Day 10 – Florence-Rome, Italy

Day 11 – Rome-Pisa, Cinque Terre

Day 12 – Monaco-Barcelona

Day 13 – Barcelona-US

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