ABOUT US – Mark & Ruthie

Take a brother and sister, mix with a shared passion for travel and adventure in foreign lands, and Travel Addicts Tours is born!
You could say that travel is a bit of a obsession for us us both. We find ourselves constantly in conversation about where we want to go next!  It’s truly an addiction!
With combined experience having visited over 40 countries, we are excited to share our love of international destinations with you!
Travel Addicts Tours was formed to create affordable journeys for those looking to go abroad,  but always felt it was financially out of reach.  We especially cater to beginner international travelers who may be a bit nervous about what traveling to a foreign country entails.  Our purpose is to help erase any anxieties our guests may have by taking care of the bookings and escorting you along the way.
Traveling in a group setting, our guests can expect a worry-free and most of all, FUN adventure!
Come along with us as we experience different cultures, enjoy beautiful scenery, great food and amazing architecture!
We look forward to seeing you on one of our tours very soon!
Ruthie & Mark
Travel Addicts Tours

13 thoughts on “ABOUT US – Mark & Ruthie

  1. Have you ever been to Japan? My grandson is studying Japanese as a freshman in High School. My husband and him are planning to go to Japan sometime this year. My husband spoke Japanese as a missionary 30+ years ago So they want to go together. Our Grandson’s school planned to go to Japan in the spring of 2021 but have cancelled it due to Covid. So I am looking for another tour guide for them to make it easier and definitely more fun and educational.

    If you don’t go to Japan, would you know of any other tours that do? and if so please send their information my way.

    Thank you very much,
    Diane Smith

    PS Your info on Travel Addicts Tours looks incredible. Please put us on your mailing list. Maybe my husband and I could go another time with you where you go.


    1. Hi Diane, thank you for your comments! We are going to do a tour of Japan during cherry blossom season in April of 2022. Hope you can join us then! We will be posting it to our website soon and will also send information to you by email once it is available. Hope to travel with you soon!


  2. Thank you! I will tell my husband and grandson! Hopefully their Japanese will improve in the next year!!! Looking forward to hearing more about how that tour will be planned.
    Sincerely, Diane L R Smith dlrs5781@gmail.com


  3. I cannot go in 2021 as I have a trip planned but would like to go on an Alaskan Cruise with my son and family which would be 5 people total in 2022. Do you do cruises??


    1. Hi Linda, happy holidays! The only cruise that we are offering at this time is a Greek Isles Cruise in December 2021. We will be opening up more destinations in the future so make sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or check back for updates on our website. Thanks!!


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